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Monday, January 30, 2012

Lesson 1, Week 1 Badges awarded

Check your E-mail. Class Average: 2.42 postings Highest Badge Earned: Achiever Badge

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is Global Digital Citizen Passport in ETC647?

College Career Counselor

I am looking for a college career counselor to work at our school. It would carry a small English teaching load. The length of contract is initially 2 years. There is a relocation allowance, rent subsidy, medical insurance, end of contract completion bonus and other benefits. For details, kindly send interested parties my way.


Thank you,





Stephen Rothkopf M.Ed.

Secondary School Principal


K. International School Tokyo

1-5-15 Shirakawa

Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021


Phone 03-3642-9993

Fax 03-3642-9994


Monday, January 23, 2012

Assignment 1 Grade & feedback posted

See your e-mail listed at: http://etc647.wetpaint.com/page/Student+Account+Spring+2012 & BBLearn grade book. Questions? Contact me within 2 days.

Want to earn Early Bird Badges?

Participate Lesson 1 discussion by Monday to earn Super Early Badge or by Tuesday to earn Early Bird Badge. Details see: http://etc647.wetpaint.com/page/Global+Digital+Citizen+Passport

ETC647: Lesson 1 (01/23-02/05) Highlight

Lesson Discussions (2 points)
  • Nabble discussion board.
  • Moderator: Group 1

Prepare group assignments:
  • Assignment 4: Educational Institution Network Policy & Procedures
  • Assignment 6: Network Learning Training
  • Select Networking Learning Training topics, dates, & time (Due on Lesson 3)
01/29, Sunday
  • Due: 1st posting period for Lesson 1 discussions : TWO or more posting, Respond to TWO KEY questions at least.
  • Group 1 post Lesson 1 discussion question to Nabble discussion board.
02/05, Sunday
  • Due: 2nd posting period for Lesson 1 discussions : TWO ore more postings: Respond to all KEY questions; Respond to discussion question and/or respond to others' postings.
  • Due: Assignment 2: PLE
  • Wetpaint Submission Due Assignment 11: Lesson 1 Content Development (Group 1 Only)
  • Lesson 2 readings.

THE Journal Article Referral


Chih Tu thought you might find this article from THE Journal (http://www.thejournal.com) useful.

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The Best Free Web 2.0 Tools for Schools

The term Web 2.0 has been around a while. Some may even consider it passe. Nevertheless, according to Steve Dembo, there's still something to say about the topic.

To read the complete article, please go to:

Chih Tu

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Orientation Activity Checklist

  • Complete Assignment 1
  •  Post your self introduction
  • Join a group;
  • Start communicating with your group members;
  • Finish Lesson 1 readings.

TaskStream Enroll Ready for Us

Code: Code: 3GK9XS

Two more iPads available

If you are interested, contact me by Wednesday (1/25); otherwise, we will give the opportunity to other classes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Q: Do you have any suggestion for me to prepare ETC647?

A:  ETC647 integrate ONLE/PLE designs which are an advanced design for network learning, not just online learning.  Be open-minded, be creative, and be interactive.  

Q: I don¹t really need to visit BBLearn. Correct?

A: Yes, the entire instructions occur outside of BBLearn as Open Network Learning Environments (ONLE) and Personal Learning Environments (PLE).

Q: What are we supposed to do with two areas, BBLearn & course wiki?

A: When you need to check your grade book, visit BBLearn. 
When you need to access course information and instructions, visit the course wiki. For e-mail, use your NAU e-mail. Visit your iGoogle regularly to monitor course instructions, such as announcements on Twitter, calendar, Gmail etc.

Q: What should we complete for the orientation week?

·      Complete Assignment 1: PLE Setup;
·      Post your self introduction (Wetpaint);
·      Join a group;
·      Start communicating with your group members;
·      Finish Lesson 1 readings.

Elluminate with Chih, 01/15, Wednesday, 8-9 pm (Optional)

Interate eTextbook & iTuneU for your courses

Apple brings textbooks to iPad

Check out this article that I saw in USA TODAY's iPhone application.

Apple brings textbooks to iPad

To view the story, click the link or paste it into your browser.

To learn more about USA TODAY for iPhone and download, visit: http://usatoday.com/iphone/

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